Frequently Asked Questions

What functions does the myfire app include?

myfire app controls Manual Mode, Thermostatic Mode, Countdown Timer, Program Mode, Eco Mode, and gas fires with a Fan, Light, or Auxiliary function e.g. a second burner.

Where can I learn more about the myfire app setup?

Go to Setup section to get the latest setup literature.

How much storage space does the myfire app take?

Size Apple/iOS 71.7 MB; Android 22 MB

What devices are compatible with myfire app?

Apple iOS and Google Android smartphones and tablets.

Can myfire app be installed on more than one smart device?

Yes. It can be installed on any number of smart devices.

Does myfire app work on a PC or Mac?


Is there a user's guide for myfire app?

Yes. Go to App Functions section.

Is there a charge for the myfire Wi-Fi box?

Yes. It’s a component of the GV60/Symax system.

How do I make sure I have the most current version of the myfire app?

New versions of the myfire app are announced and available in the app store. You will be notified in the app itself of updates available for the myfire Wi-Fi- box.

Is the myfire app stored locally on my smart device?


Does myfire need an Internet connection to work?

Yes. An Internet connection is necessary for the app to control the fire.

How many gas fires can a myfire app control?

The myfire app can control up to 8 gas fires. Each fire requires a myfire Wi-Fi box.

What versions of the Apple iOS or Google Android smart devices does myfire app support?

Apple iOS 10 or later. Android 5 and up.

How much are myfire app updates?

Myfire app updates have no additional charge and are available via the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Is there a tutorial for myfire app?

Yes. All myfire function videos and tutorials are available under App Functions.